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An Independent Testing Service for Equine and Camelids, Goats  Sheep and Birds by A  Qualified Laboratory Scientist, AMTRA Trained SQP.

Targeted worming, Reduced dose worming.
Instant  accurate results available  with our consultant visiting your premises,  Farms,Ridding clubs and competitions and Livery yards.POSTAL SERVICE AVAILABLE.

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You can be assured of fast and accurate results.

Our Consultant has exceptional  laboratory experience having worked in Hospital Pathology specialising in Haematology and Parasiteology and Public Health Laboratory service specialising in Microbiology.

Experience of zoonotic diseases working in the UK Leptospirosis Reference Laboratory.

In addition our consultant is  an AMTRA SQP (Suitably Quailified Person) animal medicines advisor, a legal category of professionally qualified persons who are entitled to prescribe and/or supply certain veterinary medicines under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations. Therefore you are in good hands for your worming advice.

   Wildwood Animal health

  • Ensures that every programme complies with BVA guidelines each Animal is looked at as a complete individual.
  • Each programme is based on the most up to date research and technology.
  • The methodology provided  is by a leading veterinary parasitologist.

  • The assessment process will over time identify the level of larvae in the pasture which allows you the  owners to make informed decision on which pasture needs resting and rotation based on scientific evidence rather than guess work.

  • Will  empower you to know which animals have a strong or weak natural immunity to worms and can take this into account when managing grazing groups, moving to other pasture.

  • Full documented programme available.

The guess work is removed and a scientific programme is made simple and easy for owners to administer ,

  • Programmes are bespoke and can be tailored to meet the needs of any  Alpaca Farm,studs, livery yards, riding establishments and private yards