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Alpaca Parasite Service

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Do you need to take a closer look at the parasite status of your pasture and your herd?

We can assist with this giving a fast and accurate indication of the health of your Alpaca internal Gastro Internal Tract.We work closely with Vets to provide a complete service.

Wild wood  Faecal Worm Counts  give acccurate picture of specific Parasites present allowing selection of the most appropriate Anthelmintic.

More Alpacas die through parasite infestation than any other cause,yet owners often find it difficult to spot the signs of infestation.

Parasites dont always present with diarrhoea  Barber Pole Worm (H.Contortus)can often produce firmer faecals as the infestation is in the stomach rather than intestine.

Signs of Parasite Infestation

Behaviour - Lethargic, last to feed ,spending time sitting down.

Weight Loss - Routinely weigh/ Body Score you may not notice weight loss under a thick fleece.

Anaemia - Check Eye Membrane using FAMACHA  Test / Ask Vet for blood test.

 We send by first class post, a no obligation pack including sample containers, labels, padded return bag and an order form as well as helpful information. Simply pay by cheque or Paypal when you send in the samples.

Wild Wood Worm Counts is a postal service unless otherwise arranged Faecal Counts are £20.00 per test First time customers please contact for requirements for sending your samples or for a free sample kit.
 Sarah 07779 667798